Summer Just Got REEL


Well, hey there! It’s been a while since our last post, but we promise we haven’t forgotten about you all. We’ve just been having a bit of a summer romance with our video production work. This season has been a whirlwind (mostly caused by the propellers of our DJI Inspire1 Drone). Here are some of the locations where we’ve gotten to shoot awesome projects:

  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • D.C.
  • Maryland
  • Mongoose Jam 2015 at Woodward Camp West in California
  • Guest Director at Woodward Camp East in Pennsylvania (check out our video here: https://vimeo.com/135924800)

In light of all this summer hype, we want to take a moment and thank all of our amazing clients and the companies who believed in us, allowed us to create and collaborate with them. Some of the videos for these phenomenal groups are already up on our Vimeo page!

Special thanks to:

Be sure to also check out our revamped website! http://reelvisuals.co/

Along with fresh new pictures and graphics, you’ll notice we’ve officially added the great Louie Galvan to the site as our Production Grip/Tech. Oh, and did we mention we’re welcoming our intern, Erika Edwards, to the REEL Visuals team as Media Production Specialist? Things just keep getting better, folks!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Vimeo to catch all the new video releases coming soon. As we close in on 2015, there are no signs of us slowing down!




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