Sweet Summer Vlogging

Summer is in full swing here in the Oak City, but the Carolina heat isn’t slowing us down. In fact, we’re creating a brand-new, never-before-seen project for REEL Visuals: our very own Video Blog (or VLOG for you internet-savvy acronym-lovers)! We’ll be gathering behind-the-scenes footage from professional shoots, doing equipment and editing tutorials, and whipping out our smart phones for REEL candid moments… All gearing up for our August premiere!

Curious for a sneak peek? Here’s an idea of what to expect once our VLOG launches:

A look into the REEL Visuals gear arsenal

We’ll be showing you what kind of equipment we use to make award-winning videos. Yes, RED heads, that includes getting up-close and personal with our RedEpic camera, LED lighting set-up, and cine lenses!

REEL Tutorials

Praise! Finally a stream-lined, easy-to-follow tutorial for the video basics: editing in Premiere Pro, packing your gear bag, and traveling light on location.

Behind-The-Scenes with REEL

The final product is fun to watch, but what happens out of frame before, during, and after the camera’s rolling? We’ll be giving you the full (motion) picture and more on set life with REEL Visuals!

The REEL Day-In-The-Life

Ever wondered what it’s like to make videos for a living? In this segment of our VLOG, we’ll be having a little fun giving you a look at the daily lives of the REEL Visuals team. From night donkeys in Texas to professional BMX riding, you’ll see how we balance it all—and hopefully have a few laughs with us too!

As you may have suspected, we like to keep things REEL. That’s why this VLOG is going to be filmed primarily on (you guessed it) smart phones! No fancy set-up, just the REEL deal. We like to keep it casual – except for the tutorials, when you can expect a little RED action… We don’t want our favorite camera to get lonely, after all!

Grab those summer shades and stay cool, friends. Until next time…

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