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The 15-Second Story

Videos. In case you couldn’t tell, they’re our favorite form of story-telling. If you’re following @reel_visuals on Instagram (which you should), you may have noticed we’ve started sharing sneak peeks and clips from current, as well as past projects. That’s because we want our friends and clients (that’s YOU!) to feel involved in our process of storytelling. Each client has a unique story to tell, and it’s our job to help them find the best way to communicate with their target audience.

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As a video production company, it’s important to enjoy showcasing your work, while also challenging yourself to put out the best possible product. Using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram gives us two important avenues to reach customers and provide insight into our business. Fifteen seconds may not seem like a lot, but you’d be surprised what happens when you give yourself structured limitations. Just try it! Get out and shoot some footage or sift through b-roll from your latest project and try to tell a new story in 15 seconds…or less. See what happens! We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Just think of it as practice. Every artist needs it!


Social media, at its core, is a communication channel, so it’s important to think about what you want to communicate within 15-30 seconds. Try watching your favorite movie and time how long some pivotal moments in each scene take. (Hint: it’s not that long). If one of those exchanges takes 5-10 seconds, think about what you can do in 15-30. Music videos are a great example of how to achieve an emotional arc in a short amount of time. Depending on the artist and narrative of the video, you may see 10-15 cuts in 15 seconds! Think about how that affects your emotional reaction as an audience member… Adrenaline pumping, yet?

Now, since studies show that social media is a great way for modern companies to engage their audience and potential client base (and because we love our clients), REEL Visuals is going to do a little crowd-sourcing of our own. Here’s how it works:

Follow us on Instagram @reel_visuals and show us what story YOU can tell in 15 seconds… or less! Just tag @reel_visuals in your post, along with a brief description of what story you’re telling. Don’t forget to hashtag what gear you used, too! (Because we like gear. A lot.) Your video could be showcased on our page Monday, February 29 – aren’t leap years fun?

So go exploring with your camera, or start digging through those hard drives! It’s time to get creative!

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